God Will Come: So What?

It has been suggested in the past that Satan’s greatest trick was to convince people that he does not exist. There is an element of truth to this, however I suggest that it needs to be expanded. What people in a western worldview context have been convinced of more fully is that there is no such thing as God’s judgment. And even if there is, “for the sake of hypothetical argument”, then two common objections arise, 1. I’ll be fine because I’m not to shabby 2. I refuse to be held accountable to this God.   

One of the key themes which has always struck me from the book of Revelation is that whether we, humans, like it or not God will come to restore creation, defeat evil and judge fairly. For some this sounds like nonsense and I’m ok with that. In fact it actually helps to prove the point which God has been making all along; we have rejected him as God, but creation is still his and he will reclaim it and execute true justice.

What we see in Revelation 14:7 is a helpful, programmatic summation of why we should expect God’s judgment. The best way to see this overview is to read the argument of this verse in reverse. A quick aside, working backward through the text can often be a helpful way to see the main point coming out.

First of all then, we see that God is the one “who made heaven and earth, the sea and the springs of water”. Effectively what we are being told here is that all life which exists here in the present comes from the one source; God’s act of creation.

Secondly, this is the basis for his right to bring “the hour of his judgement. It follows logically that if he made it then it is his creation. If it is his creation then he has the right to hold it accountable. This accountability comes through his correct and just judgment of that creation.

Finally, if he has made everything and we have not acknowledged him correctly as the king of his own created order then we stand condemned by our own stubbornness. Instead we should “give him glory” for the simple reason that he gave us breath in the first place, the very breath we use to disown his existence.

No matter if we wish to accept it or not the bible is very clear that God will come to correctly, wisely and fairly bring judgement. Our worldview may dictate to us that this cannot be true. But God has been gracious to us and has communicated with us through his word so that we can understand what it is to “give him glory”; loving his son, Jesus Christ.


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