New Year, Same Purpose: OMF January 2017

“Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the lamb!” (Rev 7:10)

As we start this new year of ministry together it is good to listen in to the chorus we hear echoing out from the throne room of heaven. It is both a very encouraging message and a great reminder of what we are involved in.

The chorus begins by proclaiming that there is salvation and this is a gift for all peoples (7:9). No matter their geographical location or spiritual background, salvation is available for all. I want us to note that salvation is not something which is one dimensional. We share the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with the peoples of East Asia to the glory of God. This salvation deals with all the areas and aspects of life which have been contaminated by the presence of sin.

Next it is good to note that this salvation is the possession of God, it belongs to him. This strikes me as very personal language. It is not the language of a petulant child who takes his ball away because he isn’t scoring any goals; his ball belongs to him and no one else can play with it. Salvation is bound up in God’s character and nature and because of that it belongs to him. He is a saviour, therefore salvation is his.

It’s not just any God either. The multitude who have gathered before the throne know that salvation belongs to this God and this God alone. In a generation where exclusivity is heralded as the most wicked crime that a human may commit we must continue to affirm that Jesus is the only way. We know that to do otherwise is the most unloving thing we could do to a world who need the God of salvation.

Salvation is not something which is haphazard either. Our God, the God of salvation sits on the throne. There is such a sense of regal grandeur, but more than that we can see his divine authority and sovereignty. The God of salvation rules from his throne and is in total control of the plan of salvation which extends to all nations.

How does this plan come into action? Well the nations who have gathered before this throne are very clear. The lamb of sacrifice has paid the price (5:6). Our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ has done what we could not do so that we might know God and be restored.

In the year that lies ahead of us let our ministry in prayer and proclamation be shaped by the wonderful chorus of the end of the age. Let us commit ourselves again to the wonderful saviour and expect great things from Him.

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