Giving the whole: OMF June 2017

“May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us, that your way may be known on earth” (Psalm 67:1-2)

When you read through this psalm it is clear to see that the mind and heart of the writer have been captivated by two key things. Firstly, the God of all creation is the sovereign over everything and secondly the scope of the great king’s sovereignty is global. Focusing on these things is good for any believer as it reminds us once again of who God is and what he has done. But that is not the end; God’s character and work should provoke us to action. So what does this writer want us to do?

Well, taking into consideration the first few verses, it seems that the writer desires to summon a response of total devotion to God. Graciousness, blessing and God’s face shining point us back to the blessing received by the people of God from Aaron (Numbers 6:24-26). Such an abundant blessing deserves and also demands an overflowing devotion from the recipients. God’s people then and believers now have received so much from his hand. Daily provision of all our needs, the cancelling of our sin through the Lord Jesus, a real relationship made possible with God, the Father’s ear for the smallest and greatest of troubles; we have received blessing upon blessing in Christ.

This is why we as God’s people need to turn to our good and gracious Father with a heart of joy filled devotion. It strikes me that across God’s word the call to gladly consecrate ourselves wholly to God is everywhere. Every area, every attitude, every motivation, every resource handed over to the wise and good king who first loved us and gave himself for us. I want to encourage us in this; giving ourselves wholly to God will never come up short now or eternally.

As the song progresses the vision of consecrated lives is not detached, operating in the clouds. It is rooted in the nation’s being glad and the people’s praising the God of all creation. Not only do we have the privilege of having a true devoted life to God we are also invited into the task of seeing God’s global glory being taken to the nation’s so that gladness, rejoicing, freedom and worship can be expressed by all the peoples of the earth.

This life of holiness and devotion to God is our primary concern in reaching out to those who do not yet know the Lord Jesus. From this we seek to see many of East Asia’s peoples praising the God of salvation. “Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the peoples praise you!”


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