Shaping The Future: Looking Back And Contemplating The Future

Well you will be glad to know that I arrived safely in Beijing and have settled in well for the few days that I will be here.

It has been striking to see the extent to which many of the big name chains of the western economic region have found a home within the people’s republic. No doubt the steady assimilation of western chains has been happening over the last few decades but you cannot help noticing the impact the 2008 Olympic games had in shaping the future of China’s capital.

I find myself based in a very interesting part of this sprawling metropolis close to some of the most important universities in the country. A short walk out the door and you come face to face with some of the future leaders of China’s scientific, economic and political communities. So many filled with dreams and hopes of a bright future (like most university students) yet so many who do not fully know who they are and who God is. Pray for blessings on these young adults who will go on to shape China’s future.

There has also been time to head out of the city and venture along one of the wonders of the world; the Great Wall. I have always wanted to see this and take some time to walk along part of it, so to have this opportunity was a great privilege and blessing. Yet as with any of these ancient sites it always strikes me that it would have taken an incredible number of people in forced labour and awful conditions to bring such a vast project to completion. Looking back, you can see that the security of the nation was of paramount importance above the individual. Moving into the future, as this city continues to develop industrially and economically, we seek blessing for the many people who call Beijing home.

One final thing that has been worth noting is the cool temperatures since my arrival. This is due to the massive downpours of the previous 48hrs. Speaking with those who live here they say that they have been waiting for this as it has been very hot and not too hospitable over the last few weeks. Seeing and hearing this made me realise once again that we seek a wonderful downpour which will refresh all those living here which comes from above.


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