The Night Before

Wandering from person to person seeking consolation, in a never changing fraud.  All around there seems no answer at the core; where is the assurance I long to know? 

Light from heaven once shone drawing out a praise misplaced. This light though misunderstood lead from the place of disgrace; changing, challenging, securing. 

What men could not provide was found under centuries of mist, the key, the guide. As I woke from the sleep which kept me restless, light was there and so was He. 

There is no longer any part which can remain hidden, this vivid awakening searches all. How glad I am that He, in grace and mercy, would reach with such security. 

Upon the door I nail the challenge which leads back to the nails of life. Will this, O Lord, bring the greatness of the promise of your word, now, in this day? 

Liberation of the gospel, to meet with people, who long for this pure clarity. There is a God who does demand, but does not extract payment from my hand. 

Gold and good, they promise, yet only the opposite is true through weakness and suffering. A gate opens and life exudes, though blocked by pride. 

What will happen in this day? Will the brightness of a dawn from ritual, mystery and oppression grow? 

Deep within, the conscience can do nothing else but voice the great delight found, the worth, of Christ.

As I stare at him, through bright ink and paper, new confidence is found. The master, the servant, the king now asks my response.  

Bless these things great Father, for your name must be understood. Full of grace and wisdom, flowing truth and present glory. 

Now I rest, but soon will stand holding hammer in hand, waiting, waiting, trusting, that doors on a castle will lead to the gate of a city with greater foundations. 






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