An invitation to stop

Over the next few weeks for many of us things will become very busy, which tends to mean we don’t have time to stop. If that is true, then it will not be easy finding space to think either. Yet, this is precisely what I want to invite you to do over this Christmas season because there is a lot to think about. You see, unlike the mad rush and the media frenzy to get us to spend more money, the good news of the Lord Jesus and the reason why he has come is something which lasts long after the dinner is eaten, the gifts forgotten and the tree is down.

So why does Jesus come? What are the reason for him coming? That is what we are going to be looking at over the Christmas period at church. Well the bible tells us that there are number of reasons for this. One of them is this; Jesus has come so that the work of the devil is defeated (1 John 3:8). This may seem distant to the nativity scene which is etched into our minds but this forms one of the key reasons why God must come as a person. Our human problem can only find a full solution if God himself redeems everything about our humanity. That is why he must come as a person; in doing this God destroys the curse and defeats the devil’s design for ruin. During this season remember, the reason Jesus comes is to destroy the work of the devil.

This is not all though, the son of God has come as a person so that we may see the glory of God revealed to us (John 1:14). You will have been in a situation and your eyesight is blurry, maybe waking up in the morning is a good example. Things are not very clear but as the eyes begin to open they start to function and what was once a blur is now clear. As God becomes a person what may have seemed distant is now right in front of us. And throughout his life Jesus displays the glory of God and in his death for us at the cross he shows the great humility and condescension of God so that we might live. As we have heard it sung many times in the past, “who is he in yonder stall, at whose feet the shepherds fall? Tis the Lord, O wondrous story, Tis the Lord, the king of glory”. During this season remember, the reason Jesus comes is to reveal the glory of God to us.

Finally, I want to invite you to think about Jesus displaying to us the fullness of grace and truth (John 1:14). If there are two things which are usually lacking at this time of year these would rank highly. How truthful are we about things we get which are actually awful? How filled with grace are we when someone in the family is being very annoying over dinner? The list could go on but you get the point. The wonder of Christmas is that God wants to communicate to us the fullness of his grace and the truth about our situation. Bluntly, without Jesus we have no hope in life or death. But through Jesus, this situation is completely reversed because God has great grace towards those who trust him, love him and obey him. How grateful are you that God wants to be honest with you? During this season remember, the reason Jesus comes is to display to us the fullness of grace and truth.

Take the time to stop, take the time to think about these things.


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