Off The Shelf: Intentional, Evangelism that takes people to Jesus

Talking to people about Jesus, the king of the universe, should be the most natural thing to do as people who know him and follow him. Yet, that is often not the case. Why? Well in this great little book, Intentional, Paul Williams helps to explore this and offer some great pointers that help believing people communicate the amazing truths of the gospel in easy and normal ways. 

Its a short book (less than 100 pages) and it is written in such a clear and understandable way. Williams combines humour, personal experience, vulnerability and a passion for people to get to know Jesus that makes this something very easy to read in a short space of time. As well as this it makes it very usable too.


Three things which make this stand out. First up, there is no denying that there are lots of books around that aim to deal with the same topic. That being said, I think this is right up there with the best of them in equipping and discipling for the context of the local church. It is short and it is affordable to everyone. My second reason; because Williams is not scared to talk about our fear in evangelism. This is crucial to any discussion in the local church context as we prepare to share Jesus with others. We need to see that a correct fear of God is the antidote we all need, and Williams handles this so well. Finally, it is all about sharing and shaping our conversations around Jesus. Getting people to Jesus is what matters most and that is what this book helps us to think about.

This little video introduces you to the author and give a taste of the book.

I would encourage churches who are thinking about hosting Christianity Explored or Alpha to get a hold of this in the run up.


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