About “the growing kingdom”


Thanks for stopping by at the growing kingdom. My name is Martin Paterson and I am a young Christian pastor from Glasgow who has a passion to see the good news of Jesus grow across all nations. Together my wife Jennifer and I have committed
our lives to gospel ministry and are currently serving a local church in Stonehouse, Lanarkshire.

So why the title? Well the title of the blog seeks to affirm the positive vision we are given across the word of God. The kingdom of God is always growing whether that is in Scotland, Singapore, Bolivia, Mozambique…….. you get the picture. The good news of God is producing lasting and eternal fruit across the whole world all the time.
That is something to excite us and it is a great truth which fuels gospDSCN3148el ministry.

We look forward to reflecting on God’s growing kingdom and having discussions about the theological underpinnings of the Christian faith. From time to time we will have guest bloggers who will be able to share some of there experience in ministry and also add to the conversation about what God’s word teaches us about the Christian life.


Martin & Jennifer Paterson

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