Off the Shelf: Mission Matters: Love Says Go

Recently there have been a series of books released by the Keswick convention seeking to deal with important aspects of christian life and ministry. Mission Matters follows in this series and does not disappoint. Like many of the books written by Tim Chester (author and church leader from Sheffield) it is readable, reliable and thought provoking.  Continue reading


Off the Shelf: True to the Faith: The Acts of the Apostles

I have recently been working through a series on the book of Acts with the church where I am pastoring and this specific commentary has been an excellent companion on the journey. We have been looking at “Being the church God designed” holding as its centre a commitment to remain true to the faith which has been handed down to us. Continue reading

Off The Shelf: Not so secret; Being contemporary agents for mission

Book: Not so secret: Being contemporary agents for mission 

Graham Orr has worked for a number of years in Japan in urban Tokyo and this book exploring the task of being mission agents in normal life has been a really helpful and informative read for me. Although much of the experience is based on observations from Japan, Orr has thoughtfully related this to the similar challenges which face the church across the UK. Continue reading

Off the Shelf: 2015 Review

It’s been an interesting year, has it not? Many things have changed within our society at large and across the ever globalized network of nations which we live amongst. We have witnessed the atrocities of IS in the Middle East, executing people at will and eradicating priceless historical sites and artifacts. We have also seen key “leaders” in churches proactively denying the cross of Jesus and his atonement as the centre point of the biblical gospel. But its not all bad, doom and gloom. We have also seen times of celebration and rejoicing. The 150th anniversary of OMF and its work to tell others about Jesus in East Asia was very special. There was also the return of Star Wars to the big screen causing my inner child great excitement as the force was awakened once again. Another note of great joy for me has been the return to form of BVB 09; Dortmund once again proving to be a force in the Bundesliga after a poor run last season.

Here is my contribution and the things which have influenced me most during the last 12 months; this is my 2015.  Continue reading