Off the shelf: Transcending Mission

What constitutes mission within the life of the local church has gone through something of a renaissance over the last few years. Seeking to think about local and global spheres of ministry through the lens of mission has been helpful, but it has also brought some challenges. One example is this; just what do we mean when we talk about mission? This is the main thrust of what Stroope seeks to address in his provocative, yet well-reasoned assessment of the current situation in the discussion of mission. Continue reading

How the cold affects the heart

One thing you can be guaranteed at this time of year in Scotland is that it will be cold outside. You can see the vapour of your breath clearly in the freezing air. You know that going out the house without a big jacket will not end well. And, for me, I know that I must have some hot black coffee in my travel mug when I go out the door! But it got me thinking that it isn’t just our physical body that feels the cold at this time of year. The drop in temperature seems to affect many other areas in our lives in real and tangible ways affecting our relationships and our spiritual life. Continue reading

The Greek Debt Crisis And The Christian Response

Anything concerning the ethics of economics tends to get complicated very quickly for two main reasons. First of all it is a gross over simplification to state that there is only one thing wrong and it needs to be fixed. The vast majority of the time it is a combination of many different factors which have usually led to great financial difficulty. No nation decides that it fancies being bankrupt. Secondly, we have to accept that none of us remain neutral when it comes to finances. Each of us bring our own financial baggage to the table, whether wealthy or not, and lay it down before discussions even take place.  Continue reading

Hatton Garden and the Hope for Eternity

Over the Easter weekend there was a major heist in the Hatton Garden safety deposit located in London. It is estimated that 2 million pounds worth of items were taken from this secure location and it has affected many people who’s business and lives were built upon these resources. Yet in an instant all that they had worked for, everything which they had achieved disappeared. Life is a very fragile thing and situations like this can happen at any time, to any one of us. We strive with all that we are to provide safety and security for ourselves, yet who can ever say that they are truly safe?  Continue reading