What I learned about preaching over Easter

Given that I am a newbie in the world of gospel ministry I am learning a lot, a lot of the time. And one area in particular that this is the case is in preaching or delivering a bible talk. Yes, you are taught and you have the opportunity to speak whilst training. But when you have the responsibility to deliver God’s word week in and week out you quickly learn that you are not capable of undertaking this task.

However, this is not how the human mind works. I don’t know about you but I tend to overestimate my abilities and forget just how easy it is to follow the meandering road into a number of pitfalls. Here are some that I discovered in preparation to speak about the cross and the resurrection. Continue reading

Off the Shelf: True to the Faith: The Acts of the Apostles

I have recently been working through a series on the book of Acts with the church where I am pastoring and this specific commentary has been an excellent companion on the journey. We have been looking at “Being the church God designed” holding as its centre a commitment to remain true to the faith which has been handed down to us. Continue reading